Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Michigan Business?

//Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Michigan Business?

Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Michigan Business?

Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Michigan Business?

The number of social media sites that are currently being used is amazing and can be difficult to keep up with at times. The minute you feel that you have mastered the newest site, the whole interface gets changed around, or a new site comes along. As if that wasn’t enough, each social media site has its quirks and ways for users to interact. So with all of the possibilities available, how do you decide which social media site is the best for your Michigan business?

The answer is easy: all of them! That probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but it’s the truth. By making use of as much social media as possible, your brand will get the most exposure possible. It is true that there are some social media sites that are more beneficial to certain types of companies, (for example: YouTube is more beneficial to a video production company than Twitter) but utilizing all of the sites is not going to hurt your company.

Increased Exposure from Social Media

You may have heard the term “social networking” once or twice, and that is exactly what you are doing – networking. By using the different social media sites you are potentially putting your brand in front of people who have not heard of you. Typically, on sites like Facebook, when a user “likes” your page, all of that user’s friends are able to see that they have liked a new page-thus potentially exposing you to all of their friends.

Social media marketing can also be used for interaction with your customers. Gone are the days of a company that just collects money from its customers. Today, people are looking for interaction and personality. Be sure to use your social media wisely, not just for advertisement of sales, but for client recognition as well.

Increased Web Traffic from Social Media

Something you may not have known is that using social media will bring more traffic to your website via backlinks. This does not mean that you just place your website on all your social posts, it means sharing things that are happening on your site with your social network. So, for example, if you have just written a new blog post, share it on Twitter! People who follow you will click on those links and be brought to your site. If the article that you share is helpful or informative or even funny, people will share it. When people share it, more people view your site and your company.

Higher Search Ranks from Social Media

As social media becomes more and more popular, it is no surprise that the search results of social media and the search results of Google are becoming increasingly connected. As mentioned above, when you share something on social media and people find it interesting and begin sharing and liking your page, Google takes notice of this. The next time someone searches for the particular topic you had shared, your site may show up before your competition (who didn’t bother to utilize social media).

Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Michigan Business?

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