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What is Video Marketing?

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Video Marketing is a method of producing internet-based videos optimized specifically so that they can be easily found and listed by various search engines.

Today, consumers would prefer to watch video over reading text. People like to be entertained, educated, and informed and it is important to adapt your marketing mix accordingly.  With video marketing, you can entertain your audience while covering a lot of information in a short period of time.

Previously businesses have used video marketing in the form of traditional television commercials. Unfortunately,  TV commercials were not always within the budget of a small business. Video marketing online is affordable for any type of business. This is because there is no cost to post a video to YouTube, there is only the cost of shooting the video.  It doesn’t matter what type of business or how large or small your company is. Any business can benefit from video marketing.

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business


Connect with millions of viewers

When people think of search engines, they typically think of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We forget about YouTube, a video-sharing site, owned by Google.   YouTube has viewers searching for information daily, as many as 20 million people per month!  In addition to people watching your video directly on YouTube, viewers may choose to share the content with others. This means your video could be posted  to different blogs and emailed around the world!

Increase Website Traffic

Your online exposure doesn’t stop at YouTube if you provide your 800 number and web address in the video. If your content is entertaining and informative, chances are viewers will visit your website. Of course everyone wants more people on their website, but it gets even better…Not only will YouTube generate more traffic to your site, your website now becomes popular.  Websites that are popular rank higher in the search engines which means even more web traffic will be coming your way. Do you see how powerful video marketing can be?

Create Brand Awareness

In addition to promoting individual products, use YouTube to enhance the awareness of your company brand. Brand awareness through online video can be even more effective than TV advertising. This is because the web is more of an interactive medium than watching television.

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