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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are a way of delivering web-based information, headlines, newsletters, and any other form of information to your customers. Simply clicking on the RSS Feed on your website will enable them to opt-in for regularly updated information.

Do you need a special program to read RSS Feeds?

In order for anyone to read RSS Feeds, they will need an RSS Reader. Don’t worry, most are free and very easy to install with minimal instruction so this won’t deter anyone from installing it. Without a reader though, it is not possible to read RSS Feeds, but finding a reader for RSS Feed is as easy as typing it into any search engine and choosing a website to download from.

What are the Benefits of RSS Feeds?


Provide up-to-date Information

There are many benefits of RSS Feeds for both the publisher and the consumer. One of the greatest and most beneficial being that RSS Feeds can save time and money for the publisher by allowing the consumer to get information from your website as soon as it’s updated.With an RSS Feed your customers are able to stay up to date with your business, which keeps you always fresh in their mind. That’s why we put such an importance on having fresh new content on your website. Using online press releases allow you to be your own virtual newspaper and not have to worry about getting media attention.

Easy for People to Use

The ease of using RSS feeds is what makes them so popular among subscribers. Once we put the RSS Feed on your website, all your customers have to do is click the icon to subscribe. This is not only cheaper than a newspaper, but also easier since there are so few steps taken to get the information. Customers don’t even need to provide their email address. With so much spam out there, people are very hesitant to sign up for anything that involves giving their email address.

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