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What are Online Press Releases?

Online Press Releases

Online Press releases are quick, released statements that summarize the significant details of a report in online media style. With the ability to promote your own company, it’s a good idea to have online press releases. It enables you to keep your customers up to date on the latest products and services you have available.

Over the years, online press releases have changed quite a bit. This is due to the fact that the internet has transformed the way journalistic news is delivered. In the past, businesses would depend on either word of mouth, or television to receive news. Now, there is unlimited potential for individuals and companies to educate and report information to the public online. The accessibility of information online enables individuals to get industry news the same time as the media experts. This brings us to the purpose and value of online press releases, and how they can improve your business.

When online press releases came about, they weren’t as effective of a search engine optimization marketing tool as they are today. When done properly by experts like us, online press releases have the ability to drive up the price of a companies stock and to improve their overall web presence. More businesses are modifying online press releases for not only that purpose, but also to make sure analysts and investors keep their stocks and business in the forefront of their mind. Even if your company doesn’t have public stock, using online press releases have a number of benefits for a business.

Benefits of Online Press Releases


Inform Your Audience

With experts like us writing your online press releases, the public will quickly see you as an authority in your field. This is a huge benefit to your business because these are the people that will come to you when they need are in need of services. Online press releases can alert people to any new services you have acquired, along with discounts or any type of sale you’re running.

Increase Online Visibility

Another great advantage to having a press release is that it can help drive targeted traffic to your company blog. This can result in valuable back links, which improve your web ranking and your overall visibility on the internet. We also take the time to research what keywords to use in your online press releases. This insures that people searching with those words are able to find your company. This helps you to increase your business, as well as increase your visibility to journalists and researchers. If they decide to use your press release, it can mean media coverage, and a substantial increase in links for your site.

How are Online Press Releases Distributed?

Online press releases are obtained by email, subscribing to an RSS feed, or by visiting the actual company website. Your readers are able to get the information very quickly and typically, shortly after submission. Not only is new content beneficial, but so are your old archived online press releases. This is because the links will increase in value over time for the reason that information on the web for an extended period, is thought to be more trustworthy.

Our very successful clients are already taking advantage of this service and reaping the rewards that online press releases can provide. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust wondering why you never used such a powerful marketing tool. Take advantage of our expertise in online press releases and call us today!

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