Is Your Michigan Business Ready for Mobile Marketing?

//Is Your Michigan Business Ready for Mobile Marketing?

Is Your Michigan Small Business Ready for Mobile Marketing?

Is Your Michigan Business Ready for Mobile Marketing?

You’ve probably already noticed that people are using phones for more than just talking. People are using smartphones for Web browsing, social media, email … you name it. And this new trend isn’t going away anytime soon,  the number of smartphone users is expected to skyrocket!  Consider your own activities.  Think of the last time you were out of town and wanted to find an Italian restaurant. Chances are, you looked to your smartphone for answers.

So what about your business? Is it smartphone ready? What can you do to make sure your Michigan small business can compete in the world of mobile marketing?

Consider This – Before It’s Too Late

Is Your Michigan Business Ready for Mobile Marketing?

Your Website
So you think you have an awesome looking website….when you view it from your laptop.  What happens when you pull it up on an ipad? Does it look the same?  Are you constantly trying to pinch and zoom your way through the content?  If you find it annoying trying to navigate through your site on a mobile device, so will your visitors and potential customers.

As more and more information is added to the Internet every day, the attention span of web users is shrinking. It’s too easy to move on to another website if one is not working. Don’t let your website get skipped for other sites that are smartphone ready.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a website for computers, and an app for mobile phones. Your small business simply needs a website that isn’t device dependent. At Spyder Byte Media, not only do we create stunning websites, they look amazing on any device, whether it is viewed  a computer with a 20″ monitor or an iphone.

Social Media Marketing

With information literally at peoples fingertips, more and more businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon…and for a good reason! Today’s smartphones can do anything your home computer can. This means viewing pictures, videos , blogging, messaging, you name it. The fact that information is so accessible makes it so important for your Michigan small business to participate in social media sites. People are looking to their smartphone for answers. Don’t let them find your competitors.

Online Business Directories

You and your family are in the mood for ice cream so you do a search on your smartphone for a place nearby.  The search results will list some websites and some business directories. Depending on your type of Michigan small business, a lot of your customers are probably  local. In addition to a website and social media, you need to list your Michigan small business in local business directories.

Another advantage of enlisting in directories is you bring more traffic to your website. The traffic doesn’t stop there either.  More traffic means higher search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings means more traffic and well…you get the point.

Make sure your Michigan business is ready for mobile marketing!

Russ Cuthrell is a Michigan Internet Marketing and SEO Expert located in Shelby Township, Michigan. His company, Spyder Byte Media, helps Michigan clients like you with all of your internet marketing needs and climb to the top of local search engines.

Is Your Michigan Small Business Ready for Mobile Marketing?

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