Internet Marketing and Word of Mouth Advertising

//Internet Marketing and Word of Mouth Advertising

Internet marketing and word of mouth advertising

Internet Marketing and Word of Mouth Advertising

When you think of Internet marketing, do you roll your eyes thinking you don’t need it? You may think that Internet marketing just doesn’t apply to your business. After all, most of your clients are from word of mouth and you are doing just fine. In fact, you have had an increase in sales this past quarter.

But wait… Internet marketing is not that different from word of mouth advertising. Internet marketing is like word of mouth advertising intensified.

Traditional Word of Mouth Advertising

Both consumers and business owners use word of mouth advertising. As a consumer, when you are in need of a hairstylist, you ask your friends and family if they know of a good one. When you are faced with more careful decisions, like finding a doctor or financial planner, you will do the research. Part of this research is listening to testimonials of people you know and trust.

As a Michigan business owner, you rely on WOM advertising. You always take good care of your clients, and happy customers are the best form of advertising.

Small businesses even form networking groups. These groups are made up of different types of businesses with the idea of helping each other and providing business leads to one another. So really , social networks are nothing new. Only today, we  have some online tools to expand these networks.

Internet Marketing (e Word of Mouth Advertising)

Internet marketing takes traditional WOM to a whole new level. Consider the amount of contacts a happy client can share their experience with in person. Now think about how many people the same client can reach on facebook. A customer can provide one testimonial in a single post, and everyone in their contact list can see this. Additionally, the facebook contacts or “friends” that are viewing the testimonial have the choice to comment or repost the message. This means that a whole different group of facebook contacts will see this customer testimonial. Think about how much exposure you can get!  What have you got to lose?

Old School Strategies with a New Set of Tools

Technology  is always changing but the marketing strategies are still the same. Social media is not a replacement for marketing techniques. We only have more networking tools to help us. So take advantage of them!

You still must have a plan in place to turn potential relationships into paying customers. This means you must work at these relationships, even if they are online. Comment on people’s posts as much as you write posts. Listening to people and making them feel heard is still important.  If possible give people something to make them feel appreciated. Whether it be some sort of discount or simply free advice.

Internet Marketing and Word of Mouth Advertising

Russ Cuthrell is a Michigan Internet Marketing and SEO Expert located in Shelby Township, Michigan. His company, Spyder Byte Media, helps clients like you with all of your internet marketing needs and has helped hundreds if Michigan clients improve their search engine rankings and outrun the competition.

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