How Websites Lose Top Google Ranks

//How Websites Lose Top Google Ranks

How Websites Lose Top Google Ranks

How Websites Lose Top Google Ranks

In order to explain how websites lose top Google ranks, it is important that you understand how Google chooses which pages it will include in its search.

When someone is looking for information and they use Google, Google tries to choose the most relevant and valuable information it can find. Google doesn’t have a list of the best sites that it always chooses from, nor does it have a blacklist that it doesn’t.

There are some designers out there that know the way Google works, and try to work around it. They use techniques that bring Google to their page, but when the user gets on the site, it is of no use to them whatsoever.

It is crucial to remember that the user is the important person here and having information that they are looking for will keep them coming back to your site.

How websites lose top Google ranks: The work-around techniques

Duplicate content is often used by people trying to cheat the system. Google offers a higher ranking to websites with more pages and often times, designers will place duplicate content on pages to get their page number higher. This is of no use to the user and when Google sees the duplication, they penalize the site.

Keyword stuffing is a term used to describe the overuse of keywords on pages and within the meta tags. Having keywords is important, but make sure your content is readable by the user. Repetition of the keyword, just for repetition sake, will annoy the user and they will leave your site.

Link schemes are also commonly used to get people and traffic to a website. However, this is yet another way of how websites lose top Google ranks because they are using back links to draw traffic and Google has wizened up to this. There are proper ways to use links, and these are not them. Play fair and keep the user in mind when creating your site and your site will do well.

Now you should have a better understanding of how websites lose top Google ranks, and may want to know some tips on how to maintain your top Google rank, or even how to get a top Google rank. For more information, please read, SEO Strategies that you may not have realized.

How Websites Lose Top Google Ranks

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