4 Ways to Tell if You Need to Redesign Your Website

//4 Ways to Tell if You Need to Redesign Your Website

4 Ways to Tell if You Need to Redesign Your Website4 Ways to Tell if You Need to Redesign Your Website

Your Site is Outdated

Are you still using a bag cell phone from the mid early ‘90s? Of course not! That would just be silly. So why haven’t you updated your website since 1995? Your website is a representation of your company and you wouldn’t want potential clients coming to your website and laughing because you have failed to keep up with the trends. This doesn’t just mean the look of the website, this can also mean functionality. Trends have changed and what used to be popular and look “cool” may not even show up on certain devices, take Flash for an example – it cannot be viewed on iPads and iPhones.

Your Sites Navigation is Difficult

If your site has a poor navigation, you can bet people will be leaving your site as quick as possible.

The navigation on your site should remain consistent on each page and be easy to locate. Also, have text as your navigation, using symbols can be confusing to some people and also does not help you in the search results.  Things to avoid when creating your sites navigation include not providing a home button, having broken links or links that just refresh the page you are on, and multiple versions of the navigation.

Your Site is Not Mobile or Browser Friendly

With technology advancing so quickly it is important that your website is able to viewed on any screen. This means that if someone is on a computer and using Firefox, your site should look the same to someone using Internet Explorer or Chrome. Different browsers can display a site differently. Your site needs to be tested on all browsers to ensure that everyone has the same viewing experience.

This is also true for the viewers on mobile devices. More and more people are looking at the internet on their mobile phones or tablets. A responsive design will adjust your site to the proper configuration and optimal view for the device that is being used. This is important if you don’t want users to just click off of your site.

Your Competitor Outranks You in the Google Search Results

You may have paid to have a beautiful site designed but if you didn’t have it optimized you won’t see results on Google. If you want potential clients to be able to find you, you need to take some time to have your site optimized. Being invisible on the internet will do you no good.

If you had your site optimized and were once doing well in search result, but lately have lost your ranking, you may need to redesign. Google changes the requirements for search engine optimization quite frequently. You need to stay on top of the competition so they don’t outrank you.

4 Ways to Tell if You Need to Redesign Your Website

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